I can't send emails but i can receive emails


I have been having issues with sending emails.

So I can receive emails, but can’t send emails.

this are the records and should all be good.

Happy New Year @Blackfort

You are missing rDNS ptr record for your server. Go to your server provider management tool and setup mail.blackforthosting.com ptr record for ipv4 and ipv6

is this correct?

No. Delete that record.

Go to where you are leasing your server. Ask them about setting up a reverse dns record/management. They difinitely have a tutorial on that.

Or which server provider are you using ?

Do I need the ips I have them on my pc.

like this?

changed it so thats its now:

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I’m still getting errors tho

First setup the mailserver so that we omit any dns issues

ESMTP Is running on port 25 and its not blocked its open so I’m confused

Issue got fixed

  1. @Blackfort did not have a valid mail ssl or it was not issued to mailserver domain
  2. Snappymail IMAP and SMTP settings were not properly configured to use the open ports starttls 143 / smtps 587 or smtp 25

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