I cant change the maximum upload file size in PhpMyAdmin

I create website, and i set PHP7.0
“PHP successfully changed for: mydomain.xyz”

so, i go to PHP → Edit PHP Config and i set:
upload_max_filesize : 100M
post_max_size : 100M

in SSH i try
“service lsws restart”

so i go to
and checked if the changes were saved.
Changes have been saved.

I did restart the server

in SSH → reboot

but all the time unchanged.
Please help what else can I do?

ok, so where does the uploaded file size increase?

try php --ini

Set limit on PHP 7.3 that will affect on phpMyAdmin.

Try to increase " post_max_size " and click php restart, it worked for me. also, select the correct php version that matched with PHPMyAdmin.