I Can't Access Cyberpanel Port:8090


When I’m trying access the cyberpanel https:// MyIp:8090
It loads for a while and then the next screen appears:

In case the picture doesn’t load, the error says: “ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT” after the site takes too long to respond.

It was working last time I accesed it, I don’t know what changed. Please,I need help to fix this issue.

Thanks beforehand.

check with ping
ping to your server from your pc

have you changed your cyberpanel port number by any chance?

Which hosting provider are you using? Some hosting providers have their own firewall on top of the cyberpanel firewall. You will need to whitelist the port 8090 in the hosting firewall if there is such system in place.

Hello, I haven’t changed the port number. I’m using VULTR hosting. It was working well last time.

Please, could you be more specific with what you mean? I don’t know how to whitelist the port in the hosting firewall.

You can login your vultr and find firewall and change there, if you use iptables then use commands below on SSH
sudo iptables -I INPUT 6 -m state --state NEW -p tcp --dport 8090 -j ACCEPT
and save with: sudo netfilter-persistent save

But if you anyway need to go tinker ports then with same effort change port to cyperpanel for security.

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I dont know about vultr interface, ask their support if they have any firewall in place for your servers. If so, ask them to help you in whitelisting port 8090.

Also, if you are planning to change the default cyberpanel port 8090 to something else, then first whitelist the new port number in the firewall before changing the port number inside cyberpanel option to change port, otherwise you wont be able to access cyberpanel if port not whitelisted.

Also, for your current issue, try disabling the firewall entirely and see if you could access cyberpanel by logging into SSH of your server and executing this below command

sudo systemctl stop firewalld

Check all open ports e.g. nmap.org

Hi Guys. I can access my Cyberpanel now, but got another trouble called “Error 522 Connection Timed Out” and can’t access my website. Could you hepl me whith it, please.

Restart your server, check cloudflare IP’s not blocked by firewall and if not work then pause cloudflare and gray cloud DNS from cloudflare to check if something wrong with their end.

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i changes my ports from cyberpanel, now my we login page is unaccessible, please help me, website vandron.xyz, port ( 2090 i changed to this, but not opening now ) please help

Try SSH check is port opened on csf.
pico /etc/csf/csf.conf
then restart csf
csf -r

Hello, that problem has been solved (err 522)