I cannot set packages as admin/root for my users

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Hope all are safe. I just want to check if this issue has been rolled over to the current updates of CyberPanel as it is I believe important that administrators’ packages are shown in the users’ accounts (like cPanel and other control panels do) and we have an option not to let users create or edit them for the standpoint of a reseller hosting, or is there anything that I am missing how to set this up?

In CyberPanel users can not create websites, they can only create child domains, thats why they don’t need packages.

Resellers on the other hand can create packages.

So what would I assign them which is an alternative to cpanel users? Which can add domains and create websites

are you already try to create new user acl ? and add some extra permission for “new user”

Yes I did but it doesn’t let me create websites as a user as it needs packages created with the user account which is why I am confused what is the use of a user if they cannot create websites?


Dude, I know how to create a package for users. But my point is, if you know cPanel, you don’t have to create packages AS A USER. My point is how do we create a package for users AS AN ADMIN/ROOT. So we do not have to login as a user nor the user can create their own packages because in that case they can definitely consume the resources of the server if they have access to that feature to create unlimited resources of their own. I want to know how we can limit the user to create their own package that is NOT UNLIMITED

that packagae created inside user login

u mean (in CPanel language…) add-on domain /?


i really lost here

i understand this…

and thats why i sent you screenshot about created package inside user access and i can create my own packages

Yes, I already know that. My question is different from your expectation. Sorry for the confusion and thank you still for your help. I appreciate your attention.

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I mean if you have used cPanel before, the admin can only create packages or resellers while the user can only add addon domains and subdomains. But in Cyberpanel, it’s different. We cannot create a website for the user but the user can only do and if we let them create a package for that purpose, there is no way to limit the package resources they are able to create. That’s my point. How do we limit the packages that users create or use? Like for example, if they have a package, they can create unlimited storage and bandwidth or so. Even if they can only create 1 website, they could still create addon domains, right? and without resource limitations. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

But I don’t want to spend time creating a user package. I want to create as admin only and the user can just simply select the packages and they are limited to what I have created

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