I cannot run cronjobs as root

I am configuring a cronjob in cyberpanel, I set it running crontab -e when it is going to run I see that it stops or dies on the way and does not finish the process, I have already made several changes even with other languages to call my script, but the same thing happens, also restart the cronjob service but does not improve… anyone has this happened, do you know what could it be?

can you share the cronjob with me?
the command

/usr/bin/python3.8 /scripts/cpretentions.py > /scripts/cpretentions.log &
this is the command I’m running, when I do it by hand it does the job but when I do it through a cronjob it doesn’t do the whole job.

can you please a open ticket on the platform for me so I can check in detail and I can fix it.

ok no problem, where I generate the ticket you can send me the link

that great