I cannot find Fail2ban system monitor on the admin dashboard

Seems very fine this panel, is fast enough

But I not see the Fail2ban settings or Fail2ban install option… Why?
I need ban users who try SSH password more than 1 times.

Happy New Year @rssperky

CyberPanel does not offer fail2ban by default on the admin dashboard.

You can install configserver and access it from https://SERVER_URL:8090/configservercsf/ and you can ban ip addresses temporarily or permanently at the comfort of your admin dashboard

You can always install fail2ban manually on your server and protect your server your own way

I recommend crowdsec participative IPS and solution as best alternative for fail2ban.

Thank you for fast reply. What is “crowdsec participative IPS”?

See their website https://www.crowdsec.net/

This seems very fine, only install on server? Won’t it collide with CyberPanel?

No conflict. I can confirm that through this repo GitHub - josephgodwinkimani/cyberpanel: Nitpicked version of CyberP with new features focusing on Security, Stability and Reliability only.

Just install it the way the state in the documentation on your current installation

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I installed, thank you!!!

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