I can not access my CyberPanel from browser using HTTPS (SSL)

I have issued SSL for my panel with correct hostname. SSL was issued to correct domain and then I have selected this SSL for CyberPanel.

After that I get this error

I have tested it with curl:

please help

Try entering the cyberpanel with your IP like you did before and re-issue hostname SSL.
Then try to enter using the domain again

I have tried many times issuing certificate again.
you can check:
go to normal website https://h.alphanews.ge → this works
then go to https://h.alphanews.ge:8090 → this does not work

I there any log or configuration file where I can see what certificate files are using panel?

I understand that but just to be sure, you issued the certificate here correct?


About the log, looking for it

hostname appears to be logged on the cyberpanel main log, at the following location:

yes of course, I issued correct domain here.

no errors in that log file

Same problem…
Incredible that nobody give a answer.

Do you solved?

Still have a problem, I think stability of CyberPanel is not so good as I tought.

well if I check hosting.alphanews.ge:8090 everything is fine, no errors. So not sure what you need help with?

You should enable 2fa tho.