I am unable to receive emails

I am currently experiencing an issue with receiving emails through my domain’s webmail.

I have tried sending emails from Outlook, Yahoo, and Gmail, to my domain’s webmail, but unfortunately, none of them seem to be working as expected.

Additionally, I attempted to access my email using Thunderbird, and I entered the following parameters:

IMAP Details
Server Hostname: mail mydomain com
Port: 143
Port: 993 (SSL)

  • SMTP Details
    Unfortunately, I was unable to open my email through Thunderbird, and I received an error message indicating that I couldn’t log in at the server, possibly due to incorrect configuration.

PS : If I am unable to open my email on Thunderbird or any other application, that means there is an error in some records MX or A or CNAME I will not receive any emails.

I also have a question about creating nameservers. If my domain is hosted with Namecheap for example , do I need to use Namecheap’s nameservers and their associated IP addresses
ns1. registrar-servers .com
ns2.registrar-servers .com
, or should I set up nameservers like “NS1.mydomain.com” ?

any help :smiling_face_with_tear: