I am not able to install cyberpanel

I’m trying to install cyber panel on Oracle Cloud, but I’m having this problem:

System: Oracle Linux 8.6
RAM: 1Gb
Processor: AMD

Oracle Linux not in the list, not supported. You can modify the install script to know how far you go…

I swear, everyone but me is running Oracle Free Tier…

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I understand, so it’s really because of the system, I thought that because it’s the same base as Alma Linux, it would work

they are a variation on centos 8 stream, but cyberpanel look specifically for the release name, it’s not impossible to make it work, mostly repo name change and stuff. Actually there’s a guy on the cyberpanel git sending patch all the time to make it work on openEuler, which is Huawei version of Centos ( god knows why ), so it’s not really hard or difficult. You can be our resident Oracle linux tester.

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