I am getting this error "character set and collation isn't supported on current database. "Legacy Character set" and "Legacy Collation" will be replaced with default values."

I am getting the following error while trying to move my website to my Cyberpanel Server. However I don’t get any error doing so in Cpanel or Xampp. I am using Duplicator pro to move the websites.

Character Set and Collation Capability


character set and collation isn’t supported on current database. “Legacy Character set” and “Legacy Collation” will be replaced with default values.


This test checks to make sure this database can support the character set and collations found in the dup-installer/dup-database__[HASH].sql script.

Character set list
Collations list

The database where the package was created has a character set and collation that is not supported on this server. This issue happens when a site is moved from an newer version of MySQL to a older version of MySQL. The recommended fix is to update MySQL on this server to support the character set that is failing below. If this is not an option for your host, then you can continue the installation. Invalid values will be replaced with the default values. For more details about this issue and other details regarding this issue see the FAQ link below.

Default charset and setting in current installation
DB_CHARSET = utf8mb4
DB_COLLATE = utf8mb4_general_ci