I am getting a cert error

Inbox me then… we can continue via inbox. sorry i dont use discord and/or telegram

i contact you on inbox and they say i reach max amount of reply. forum is great but i want to learn they are limiting. ;(

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i already finish check your cyberpanel
you can change the password for your security

you must do this
use mailhostname not mail.activate-rbc.com but use activate-rbc.com

i have not used cloudns or dont know what that is. maybe where my domain registrar is??

:weary: where you set the Domain NS

you can try to get info about this… because your maim.activate-rbc.com was not pointed to cyberpanel
if you already point it.
you can follow this step

  1. go to SSL—> mail SSL–> set mail.reactivate-rbc.com
    wait till finish
  2. try to ping mail.reactivate from you PC
  3. try check you mail SSL using your checker tls…

sorry i must go now… it’s 3:28 AM lol gmt+7
i will back to this forum maybe at 15:00 gmt+7

this is new issue now after i change dns record.

ty so much you have goodnight!! awesome member of community.

dont push the SSL to often
1 domain is only allowed issue 4-5 cert in 1 week (LEcrytp regulation)


to many error we made :frowning:
if i were you , i will re install clean and fresh

i hope now your ssl check will be fine

if you reach limit creating ssl… you can use zero ssl
i will teach you at the time i online…

C U Later

hi please help me with ssl if you are free when awake ty :slight_smile:

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not sleep yet… alot of work lol

your litespeed cannot start… please try reboot server

you use the trial ?
if you are not have planning to pay LSE you should reinstall the VPS
install OS minimalist no other services like apache mysql php … just OS

then install cyberpanel and if the installation asking for remote SQL…answer N (u can see at installation manual)

fyi: if you start the 15 period… you will never revert back to OLS

Please what tool help you get this screen shot

press print screen
then go to this comment box
then pres ctrl V

please share cyberpanel main logs

Hey how to install zerossl on ubuntu? i think the reply limit reset for me :slight_smile:

Very simple
but remember they only offer 1times free ssl for 3month. you cannot extend after that.

my suggestion you using cloudflare to gte free SSL easier
BUT Cannot use for primari HOSTNAME or MAIL SSL

HOW TO with zerossl soon. i must collect it first (the step by step procedure)

register on zero
download the file
3 file cert:
private certificate and bundle

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I am also new to these and I am also amazed by all the information I learn from this thread. I do hope I can improve my skills soon and be able to do my job more effectively. I am really eager to learn about this since I have been really fascinated for quite a long time now.

trial and error :smiley: