I am getting a cert error

greetings all i am new to the world of vps and email servers. The more i learn the more amazed i am by the systems of computers and technology. The past two weeks i have been trying to set up a mailserver, and since i am new i have came across a lot of issues and overcame many as well. Well I am at a dead end as I have no idea what to do with this error.

Certificate #1 of 1 (sent by MX):
	Cert VALIDATION ERROR(S): self signed certificate
	So email is encrypted but the recipient domain is not verified

i have used email ssl, tried many fixes but none seem to work. how do i fix my certificates?

can you tell us what version of cyberpanel you have ?
and how you get that error msg

i believe i have the latest version. how do i check that? i used the website checktls.com and everything is okay except for my certificate.

that is your website ?

no that is the website i used to check my domain is ok. I can post my domain here but not sure if it is against any rules.

it’s ok you are free to post your domain name here
but if you felt unsecure post here
you can sent me PM your domain name

activate-rbc.com is my doman name.

wait a moment. i will try check

ok try this…

  1. login to your cyberpanel using
  2. goto

choose the domain/website that you will use as the hostname

report here if you done

ok i have updated cyperpanel and finished the hostname ssl. do i check if it is working now?

wait i will check

it’s look you failed to create SSL ?

can you do this ?

info me if there is any error

yes i just checked i go to mange ssl and in dropdown menu my domain is there.

of course… then click on it. let the cyberpanel issue the LE cert

im doing now.

so i finished. i run the test on checktls.com

Cert VALIDATION ERROR(S): self signed certificate
	So email is encrypted but the recipient domain is not verified
	Cert Hostname DOES NOT VERIFY (activate-rbc.com != mail.activate-rbc.com)
	So email is encrypted but the host is not verified

this showing.

one by one…

have you do this ?
point number 2 ?
choose your hostname

if you want to skip and direct to your mail.domain name

goto cloud dns
set mail.domain name IN A your IP
then re issue the mail cert
remember (if im not wrong) when you create domain-name.tld website inside the cyberpanel you should checklist the mail subdomain

you should fix this, if you want “perfect” cert installed actually
but if you want just fix your mail then

but sometimes your email will go to spam :slight_smile:

i have all of this set up already. i think i was playing with vps before while trying to learn and maybe mess up config? should i restart my vps and set all up again?