htaccess: Wordpress permalinks & password protected directories & also email forwarders & catch all

Please make these a priority. I have been using CyberPanel (which I like very much) for 8 months. But I still can’t get permalinks working for Wordpress. As a result I can’t move any Wordpress sites to my (three) VPSes. So those sites are sitting on Reseller hosting. Considering the number of sites that run on Wordpress surely making this simple and foolproof should be THE number one priority?

Similarly I have yet to manage to password protect a folder. A basic yet it is complicated with no proper documentation. What does this mean:

  1. In your VPS, go to /usr/local/lsws/conf/vhosts/YOUR DOMAIN
  2. Type “nano htpasswd”

Type it where and in what way?

Finally, can I add my voice to those who would like email forwarders that don’t require a full mailbox. Again a most basic feature.

I don’t understand why these aren’t the focus. I am not a beginner by any stretch of the imagination, having run websites since 1997. But nor am I a computer programmer. Ordinary people can’t get these things working and there is no effective documentation.