How to write CRON job Command on the cyber panel Please

Can someone please teach me how to write a cron job command?

Thank you

What job are you trying to run? Check out a beginners guide to cron jobs

**I need to work all in one migration plugin incremental backup. its not working because my cyber panel cron job is not set up. I’m completely stuck there I don’t know how to write the command. Can someone explain to me how to write it for it. i asked support from all one migration plugin the they checked my site with my access and send this screen shot that my cron job is not working **

what’s with those cropped screenshot like everyone is on such secretive website…

Anyway, they aren’t talking about linux cron job, but wordpress cron job, or WP-Cron as the kids call it.

They give an example here : All-in-One WP Migration Google Drive Extension WP CLI Integration - ServMask Helpdesk

Now calm down, I just googled quickly, the thing you refuse to do, I understand you might not use that specific edition or whatever, it’s just an example. Anyway, you’ll need to install to install wp-cli if you want to use linux cron job, or you can install like one of those millions of wordpress cron plugins like this : Cron Jobs – WordPress plugin | English (UK)

It’s a wordpress thing, nothing to do with cyberpanel.

Hello @ruwan,

this just means that the cronjob service of Wordpress is disabled.

You should either check in your wp-config.php file for the line that defines WP-CRON to false. Usually it is disabled for performance reasons and later a cron job in installed on server side (like your first screenshot), to run only when you want it to (comparing to wp-cron which runs almost every time a visitor visits your site resulting to performance drop).

Also, check for any other potential plugins or theme files that are blocking the wp-cron (less possible).

Best regards.

Thank you for replying to me. All your information will be helpful for me… I am trying to understand and trying to identify the problem slowly.

Thank you.

I am sorry for the cropped screenshot as I am new to doing all these things I thought that ok to understand the issue. everything was new to me but I am trying to solve the issues with the help of you all…
Thank you very much.