How to use custom ssl for mail server domain?

Issue SSL for mail server domain always failed and get self signed Certificate because Let’s Encrypt server overload, i have issue ssl from Zero SSL for mail server domain, how to use custom ssl for mail server domain?

i have create child domain, example then add ssl for that domain, but when add email to mail client application still get warning not secured.

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Proof that these steps worked for others

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i have success add custom ssl to root domain, and add child mail domain then add custom ssl too.

My mail domain is secure if open in browser, but when try add email to email client get warning not secure.

And i only have single domain not wildcard ssl, ssl cert for root domain & ssl cert for mail domain, how to use both in your link guide?


Try another email client preferably Mozilla or BlueMail. Set the correct mail settings:

IMAP - 143
SMTP - 587