How to use Cloudflare with Cyberpanel

Cloudflare only allows a handful of HTTP ports and HTTPS ports. That makes it impossible to access port 8090 (cyberpanel) or 7080 (Openlitespeed Webadmin) unless you go with their paid plan. Well here is a solution. Go to your cyberpanel (from your IP address) and click create a website. Enter a random subdomain (choose something complicated so that hackers have a harder chance to get to your panel page. Don’t choose and click create. Go to your Cloudflare dashboard and point that subdomain to your IP address (making sure that the Proxy icon is turned to DNS only). Then go down to SSL < Hostname SSL and install a panel SSL.


Then instead of going to or You can go to or Then you can enjoy the benefits of the Cloudflare CDN and make your web panel secure.

Will work, but you panel is not using cloudflare this way