How to use all the RAM on my server?

My new server has a lot of ram :slight_smile: 64GB

Any hint how to use this for Cyperpanel with Litespeed Enterprise to speed up my Wordpress sites up to the max ?

I still use redis, but have no clue which parameters on redis, Litespeed, PHP I should alter to get maximum performance

The speed of the server matters in website performance and not the RAM consumption. Most importantly the network speed matters along with CPU operations. The Read speed of server too matters.

Whenever a site is opened in a browser, the browser sends commands to server, then ssl handshake happens and then the site contents are fetched to the browser displaying your site to visitor. Hence network speed plays an important role here.

Thanks for the answer. But I would like to improve the cache by using more ram. Pictures and files on a HDD are slower than same pics on a cache in RAM. Ram is faster as SSD. So the question is if it´s possible to cache such things in ram. Having files cached in ram …

CPU is with 16 kernels fast enough and internet connection too…

configure your cache from OLS admin
i dont know if at this community we can get OLS Community Support

Thanks for your answer. I asked in this forum, because I bought the Cybrpanel Enterprise license on the cyberpanel website. But maybe it´s the better idea to ask in the LightSpeed Enterprise community

you can use litespeed Ent. to get support… ( i think that why it named enterprise)

If you have Cyberpanel Litespeed Enterprise License then you will get Litespeed related support directly from them.

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