How to upload files larger than 2gb

So I am using Cloudflare so I can’t use FTP so with which way can I upload my WordPress backup that is 5GB large?

if your ftp working
then you can upload using ftp

alternative way

if you have backup at other server (that can accessed by http/https try this

at old server : put the file (e.g. to public_html/folder/

at new server :
(e.g. ubuntu - root )
cd usr/local/src
wget https://domain-old-server.tld/folder/

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So where wilk that file show up when i download it? In file manager or?

if you use this methode

after that you can move it to /home/domain/…-wordpress backup -… if you use wp migration then you should read the manual how to restore wp manual (every backup plugin have different way)
but if the zip are home folder
you just can move it to /home/domain/public
then change the owner using chown
after that login to cyberpanel… filemanager…then extract

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First thing why you cant use ftp with CF and then use sftp cyberpanel also have sftp option with each site.


Thanks great help, God bless you

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Can you explain more?

Just tried to do that command and it said : -bash: cd: too many arguments
I uploaded a photo to my Cpanel file manager on my old host and took the link to it and put it there to try to download it.