How to upgrade python and django without breaking my lsws settings in cyberpanel...My DJANGO project rquirement.. while Cyberpanel web hosting does not support

Currently, my Django project is running on Python 3.11.0 and Django 4.1.7. However, I would like to upgrade the Python and Django versions to the latest stable releases, Python 3.11.0 and Django 4.1.7, respectively.

I have already followed the standard upgrade procedures within my project’s virtual environment, such as modifying the requirements.txt file and running the necessary pip commands. However, it appears that the environment on the VPS hosting server is not allowing the required updates to be installed.

I kindly request your support in upgrading the Python and Django versions for my project. Could you please perform the following tasks:

Update the Python version on the VPS hosting server to 3.11.0.
Upgrade the Django framework to 4.1.7

I understand that upgrading the environment may involve system-level changes and dependencies. Hence, I would greatly appreciate it if you could provide the necessary support and assistance to ensure a smooth upgrade process.

If there are any specific steps or guidelines that I need to follow to initiate this upgrade, kindly provide me with the instructions. Additionally, please let me know if any further information or access is required from my end to facilitate the upgrade process.

Thank you in advance for your attention to this matter. I look forward to your prompt response and support in upgrading my Django project’s environment.