How to update the Operating System with CyberPanel?

Simple question:

Can I update my operation system (Ubuntu 18) by

sudo apt update
sudo apt dist-upgrade


Or do I destroy cyberpanel installation with this method?

How to update the Operating System in the correct way for cyberpanel installation?

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After I destroyed some test installations doing the classic way with “apt update apt dist-upgrade” I figured out, that best method for me is to use the cyberpanel upgrade script with the same Version number of already installed system …


This seems like a very important topic right now with Ubuntu 22.04 LTS scheduled for release in one month - April 21, 2022.

When this happens (or for the release of new versions of any other OS), what is the procedure for upgrading the OS? Can we do so while maintaining the server and CyberPanel as-is? If so, how?

Or do we need to deploy a new server with a fresh OS install, fresh CyberPanel install and migrate all sites, settings, etc…?

I’d like to upgrade for many reasons - surely new features, security updates, and ultimately because it is the new LTS. But, most of all, MariaDB 10.6.7 is part of the official package repo, whereas 20.04 is still stuck on 10.3, which is 4 years old (and I’ve had a lot of difficulty in upgrading mariadb manually).

Here’s the various mariadb versions per ubuntu version.
Ubuntu – Package Search Results – mariadb-server

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just use aptget update upgrade or dist-upgrade

but remember
cyberpanel recommended ubuntu 20.04.x and not tested on later version (AFAIK)

Thanks. I’d love for official confirmation from Usman about this though, especially about if 22.04 will be supported automatically or if we have to wait for your confirmation or even a new version of CyberPanel that supports it.

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