How to uninstall Spamassassin

Hi. Is there a way of unstalling Spamassassin from Cyberpanel or by any other means. I am fairly new and I installed it thinking it would stop spam. However, after the installation, I have discovered that each time an email is sent to one of my addresses, CPU use shoots to 97% or so. It remains at this level till I have killed Postfix. The culprit seems to be Spamassassin and Spamd. I would be glad if there was a way of removing Spamassassin. I am on Centos 8.

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Yes. Run in SSH terminal:

$ apt-get remove spamassassin && apt-get remove --auto-remove spamassassin

# OR

$ apt-get remove spamassassin && apt-get purge --auto-remove spamassassin