How to Speed up Websites

Hello all

How can speed up WordPress websites on a dedicated server?

Before my website was hosted on Cpanel + Litespeed that time rocking speed well on my all sites

But when i migrate to cyberpanel then all sites slow

I tested gtmetrix showing page speed F

I installed cyberpanel with redis + Opcache also and i increased PHP memory limit also but still slow

I use LiteSpeed cache plugin + Wpfaster cache also

My server config

Dual E5-2620 v3 - 24Cores
42GB Ram

Anyone, please advise me kindly i was suffering from this

I have a dedicated box with comparable server specs, running about 6 HEAVY websites. I have load times of less than 1sec (typically .2-.4 sec).

My assumption would be that the LiteSpeed Cache plugin isn’t optimized for your needs.

You’ve left out a few essential details. Most importantly, is your website news/blog/ecommerce/etc ? If so, you need to ensure that you have ESI enabled and entirely setup/configured.

Additionally, (assuming that you have a sitemap.xml generated) have you added your sitemap URL to the crawler? I’ve seen poor results when there isn’t a sitemap… so, while I’m not 100% certain on how everything works in the LiteSpeed cache plugin, I can say that this part is VERY essential.

Also, ensure that you’re connected to in General settings. If you don’t, you’re not going to see a lot of optimizations that you would/could benefit from.

…in summary, I can say that with a server like yours, it really should not be the server slowing your site down.

I tried everything still slow i going back to Cpanel.