How to set rDNS in Cyberpanel

I have install Cyberpanel on baremetal in our office. And we have a public IP. All DNS are working fine but when sending email, can’t delivered to some clients, like custom domain (yahoo too; Gmail can recieve). Email logs tell that “Client Host rejected : Can not find your reverse hostname”.
Also testing email score give me that only error about BAD reverse DNS " The mail server IP Don’t have rDNS PTR record "
How can i solve this issue

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rDNS ptr record is only set for the VPS i.e. the record identified the ip address against the hsotname. e.g. 123.456.789 server with primary domain would have its hostname as and therefore its rDNS ptr record for both ipv4 and ipv6 ip addresses as

Note: if the server does not have a rDNS record, it cannot resolve a reverse lookup.

Contact your server provider for directions on how to set rDNS for your server. They must have a proper documentation for this.

Thank you for your reply. As mentionned, server is hosted in our office and we have a public IP set on the home router w/NAT. What i want to know in this case is: at which level should i set rDNS
-at Cyberpanel level (meaning i will set it in the self-hosted server)
-at registrar level (meaning i will get in touch with their support)
-or at the ISP level (i will contact their support)

Then this question is related to virtualization software youa re using. Ask in their forums how to achieve that because on cyberpanel we do not set rDNS records its just a hosting panel

The host is not virtualized…anyway thank you for your reply. I know now that i have to get in touch whith ISP.
But please one more question: on which domain shall rDNS be set: the main domain ( or the subdomain ( or both?

Only this one

Great! Thank you very much for your time.

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