How to restrict :8090 and :7080 to one domain?

This seems like it should be incredibly easy and obvious but for some reason tonight I just can’t get my head to work it out.

We have a server with multiple domains hosted on it:,, etc.

I have created a new website (as ‘website’ not subdomain) at and want to use that to access cyberpanel and ls webadmin.

I have issued hostname ssl to, opened 7080 on the firewall and all works great.

What I want to do now is to stop access from other domains on the server. These panels should only be accessible from but currently and also work (without valid ssl of course).

How can I block them so that :8090 and :7080 only work on the one domain?

I’m also sure I read somewhere that it is possible to make go directly to the cyberpanel login page without adding the :8090 on the end, and that would be great also if it’s easily possible.

Would really appreciate any help.

Just bumping up, I still can’t figure out on how to handle this issue.
@Mysterious_Beans have you found a way to handle this?
Would really appreciate it if you can update here.

it’s easy just using reverse proxy to localhost:8090 and delete that port from firewall