How to Restore only email accounts from a backup file

Is it possible to restore only email accounts from a backup file?
Thank you in advance.

move/copy to /home/backup folder then go to :8090/backup/restoreSite (if im not wrong in understanding your problem)

Just create new emails with same email copy vmail directory from old server and move it to new server


@shoaibkk thank you so much.

To clarify @shoaibkk answer:

To restore the emails you need to do the following steps:

  1. Create emails on old-server/new-server
  2. Extract the backup archive if you have a backup archive
  3. copy the content form backup or old-server to the new-server/new-location ( if you restore from backup archive just copy files to /home/vmail/ )
  4. Fix permission if needed ( optional )


$ rsync -aP --append --partial /home/* /home/vmail/
$ chown -R  vmail:vmail /home/vmail/*