How to Renew Let's Encrypt SSL Automatically on Cyber Panel Ent?


I’m using Cyber Panel Ent on My Litespeed Ent Server ( Digital Ocean )

I’ve added a few sites and running it from the last 3 months.

Once I set up Cyber Panel and Installed SSL Through the Panel.

Yesterday I’ve seen a page view drop on my analytics, so checked Google Search and Click on my LINK,

Then I saw this Error on Browser.


Today, I logon to my Cyber Panel, and Select SSL, Then Click on issue SSL.

Now, Site works,

Which Means, SSL Expired Yesterday and not renewed.

How to Renew Let’s Encrypt SSL Automatically on Cyber Panel?

same problem with me.

Check if you have a valid SSL certificate

If you cannot do it on the website manager then follow the guide below