How to remove Litespeed.

Hello, is it possible to remove Litespeed? The same is causing problems in the functioning of my site, just keep it on the screen:

Can you be more specific? Do you want to revert from litespeed to openlietspeed?

No, in fact I would like to just uninstall completely, or else, if there is any solution to the “404 Not Found” problem, I reinstalled my system in another panel, and it worked, but it does not have all of its functions.

openlitespeed does not read .htaccess files unless you restart it, maybe that’s why you are getting 404 (not found) otherwise litespeed is just a web server the same as apache.

You can’t uninstall litespeed as it is needed and cyberpanel does not support other webservers like apache or nginx.

And how can I solve this then? Because I was in no way able to make my site appear correctly.
Files in my site:

If it is a WordPress site and you can access wpadmin then trying resaving the permalinks.

Also try going to the file manager in CyberPanel admin and fixing file permissions.