How to redirect old domain (Full Content) to a new domain?

Hello Everyone!
I am new on CyberPenal. I want to 301 redirect my full domain to a new domain. That’s means If my old post url on old domain is then it will redirect to new domain with same url like
How can I do it? Please let me know. Thanks in Advance.

The rule is this one below:
Redirect 301 /

However, Cyberpanel doesn’t read it under ALL circumstances.
I can’t explain when and how is able to read the above rewrite rule.

to make it to work, I installed an empty wordpress, installed Redirection (WP plugin) and did a redirection from “/” to “”.

And in .htaccess you will see this rule working beautyfully:
Redirect 301 /
I hope it helps.

Other than that, I couldn’t make 301 redirect in .htaccess to work on Cyberpanel.

If one find a better way please share it. Cyberpanel is beautyfull but documentation is shallow and with some stuff it’s “either you know or you don’t”.

In my specific case domain registrar redirect was not possible, as in the client’s account package there are email boxes, and provider won’t allow redirect + mail.
And I didn’t think of cloudflare. Thanks.

You need to use cloudflare page rules for wildcard redirect

Fastest and easiest way to redirect a domain is to create a cname value at the registrar.

create entry as follows:

type: cname
name: *


name: *

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Using rewrite rules is also ver easy to do.