How to receive Root emails or forward root emails to another email

hello, I am using VPS CentOS 7 CyberPanel litespeed ent edition version 1.9 build 1

I am new to cyberpanel coming from cPanel, in cPanel you are able to login as root and view the root emails - or redirect root emails to another email address. where can I go to view the root emails sent from server, or how can I forward root emails to another email so I can view if server is down or mysql goes down etc. do you have these features yet ? or can you give me some direction where i can do this…

PS I also have CSF installed and I am usually getting emails from CSF for blocked IPS and any login’s via SSH etc where can I add an email to get these in cyberPanel for CSF also ?

Thanks so much in advance for any help, and a Big Thanks for CyberPanel, its super easy to work with and so Far Very Awesome.!!


setup the root forwarder with your desired email in the “/root/.forward” file
nano /root/.forward

There is not a native way to set this up via the WEBUI at this time in Cyberpanel.

Also, the default CSF install has most of the notifications toggled off by default. These can be overwhelming getting blocked alerts for hundreds of IP’s all day long for active servers.

If you would like them turned on please toggle the desired ones on in the CSF plugin there all usually under _ALERT if you ctrl+f on the main configuration page to find and toggle on desired ones.

@whattheserver awesome thanks so much for your reply, got it working now :smile:

Hopefully @usmannasir will create this in the WEBUI “setup the root forwarder : There is not a native way to set this up via the WEBUI at this time in Cyberpanel”

thanks again