how to point it to the document root of main domain to child-domains created

Directory of my Multisite network - /home/

vHost Conf shows -
docRoot $VH_ROOT/public_html

The first network site - was created and mapped to and its works with domain alias.

Networksite was created on " and was mapped to but gives SSL conflict, to resolve the same I have added the domain as a child domain instead of domain alias has default path /home/

vHost Conf (default) -
docRoot /home/

when I changed vHost Conf to -
docRoot /home/

so that it will direct it to Multisite Network directory

Still in the list in Domains>List Domains the default path still shows

and not the /home/

Also is giving 404 error. Kindly guide me what exactly i should do to resolve this.

This is resolved automatically. I’m not sure how