How To Park Domain In Cyber panel and Create Nameservers

Hello, I have installed Cyber Panel On My Local Machine and I have the static IP from my isp I forwarded the ports using my router and my cyber panel is accessible at and I have purchased a domain from name cheap and created custom name server ns1.oihost.xyx=>,> but my domain is not pointing to cyber panel, and also I have created the site with this domain name in the cyber panel so please help me.

1 by 1…

what is your domain name ?


you need fix this first

set the ip of ns1 and ns2 first at domain manager.

Its Perfectly Resolving To Ip Address See The Screenshot

yeah it’s working now…

ok next…
what is the problem ?

Using These Name Servers I want to park another domain but it’s not working see this I have created it in the cyber panel and in the registrar change the name server to

As far as i know… cyberpanel dont have “park domain”
but if im not wrong … you can set default host from openlightspeed admin panel

so when you open with
it will open

i dont know is this solution still available at 2.3.1 or not…

create website :

with parking domain script

then… point to
at cyberpanel you just add domain then point the public_html or it regular name are “add-on domain”

just wait
lately dns resolving take more time since war

because some root server connected to RUS and chn

its already 24 hours but DNS not resolved yet and why showing this name server is not reachable