How to install wordpress on server IP

I managed to install CyberPanel on a vps on vultr but now i want to be able to install wordpress.
The only tutorial I found to do it is to configure the VPS as a DNS server and add a domain for the installation.
If I wanted to use a subdomain over the IP of the VPS to perform a test installation, is it not possible? I would like to be able to install in a subdirectory or sub-domain of my server’s own IP without having to buy a domain. Is it possible?

You will need a domain .xyz ones are really cheap. freenom give free domains on .tk or .cf or services like intodns give subdomains for free.

Does that mean then that yes or yes a domain is necessary to install wordpress? Can’t I configure something like a virtual domain or virtual host? I did not expect that …

Have you read this thread, I don’t think it is possible, or desirable.

The information arrived a little late for me. I have already bought a domain to continue with the configurations but I promise to read it a little later. Thank you very much.