How to Install Wordpress on a Docker Container Image

Hi guys,
I am completely new to containerisation and docker images.
I have setup a container with the default usmannasir/openlitespeed image no problems.
I have also figured out how to search and download mariadb and wordpress images too.

I dont really understand containers…can i use these instead of shared hosting on my server?

Does each container require a unique public ip address?

How do i now access the filemanager for the new docker i have just created?

Can i install client websites such as wordpress (with mysql database) on individual containers?

Does each container need to have usmans litespeed image to run wordpress, or is there a different image i should use?

How do i install wordpress on the default container i have just setup after following the tutorial in cyberpanel?


My best advice for you is to first learn a bit about docker on their documentation, as your questions are more docker centric, CyberPanel tool will be useless for you unless you understand docker.

There is no 1-2 lines answer for your questions above, but in short, you need to set up your docker images (CyberPanel is not involved there) and then you can manage images from CyberPanel.

Now making images is a problem of another dimension that you need to understand first, then you can make use of already made images as well.

The best starting point is → Orientation and setup | Docker Documentation

@CyberPanel possible to have a docker section on the forum?..


Added. Docker Manager — CyberPanel - WebHosting Control Panel for OpenLiteSpeed

Thanks guys.
I definitely need to do some learning for this. I haven’t a clue how front end users are supposed to interact with their container? I can see how they view it’s URL, however, that is the frontend.
A cyberpanel wiki for this would be nice (ie, “cyberpanel idiots guide to docker and containerisarion”)