How to install RoundCube on a separate sub-domain on CyberPanel with the port 993 and the port 587?

Hi there,
I recently started using CyberPanel before that I had no idea how to even use a VPS.

However, I have learned many things and have got super support from this community. I am glad that I am a part of this community now.

Now I am facing another annoying issue which is not directly a CyberPanel issue.

I have installed RoundCube on a sub-domain and now email is working on port 143 and 25.

But it doesn’t work on port 993 and port 587.

I tried the schemes ssl:// tls:// imaps:// smtp:// that are stated in the docs of RoundCube.

But none works.

Whenever I try to send any email over 587 it says, Error Authentication Failed. Sometimes it shows Error 220 and sometimes 250.

When I try to login to email over 993, it simply keeps loading and then get timed out without any error and sometimes it says, Can not connect to storage server.

What can I do now?

***At this moment I am installing CyberPanel once again. But I need help with RC issue.