How to install forked cyberpanel repo?

I’m not well familiar on unix script but I know some python programming, I’ve already corrected some codes that results to known bugs on cyberpanel on my forked repo but I can’t install it, once I run the installation script ( inside the cyberpanel repo, it pulls all new files on cyberpanel cdn

anyone can help me out here?

You can clone your repo where cyberpanel is stored (/usr/local/CyberCP) in configured server but you will have to maintain the code to get future updates. You can open pull requests as well.

You will have to use


replace USERNAME, REPO_NAME, and BRANCH_NAME accordingly.

Also, make sure that on this file edit value of these variables


These above variables will later be used to clone code.

@usmannasir yes I’m doing that way but still the original repo is still being pulled and installed

@jetchirag I’ll take note of that but want to use the forked repo during installation

Can I see your repo ?