How to install cyberpanel on Centos 8 Stream

i have tried to install cyberpanel on centos 8 stream , but i got problem : OS not detected …
is there any solution ?

Use ubuntu

@usmannasir @usmannasir1 told that cyberpanel support ubuntu centos 7 alma but recommended ubuntu… alma now running without trouble…

not mention about centos 8

Unable to detect your OS…

cat /etc/centos-release
CentOS Stream release 8


@die2mrw007 is there any solution regarding this?

Cannot do nothing if support OS is not added on installation script.

please tell me, how to add it ?

You probably cant. Maybe if you modify install script and use that but I’m not any expert that’s just my guess…

Why you just don’t use ubuntu or some other supported os?

because on my VM already installed centos 8 stream because on my VM already installed centos 8 stream. by my system admin.
so I’m also confused what to do.
is there any solution to install cyberPanel on centos 8 stream

Not what I know if developer not add centos 8 on supported os list.
You better use supported os because those are tested by developer.

If you have root access to the server (which I’m guessing you do) then I would be tempted to migrate from CentOS 8 Stream to AlmaLinux, there is an official script to do that available from AlmaLinux.

You can then install CyberPanel under AlmaLinux without any issue.

agree with this :slight_smile:

thank you for the ideas and input you provide.
is there a tutorial for migrating from centos 8 stream to almalinux ?

maybe centos8 forum or Centos Control Panel forum can give you more detail about how to migration from centos to alma

Why would you guys want to go for Centos 8 stream?


Yes… Need to on install Centos 8 stream

maybe because they see RH behind it. and many user of linux from era before 2010 are from RH based like centos rh fedora etc.
and they more believe about RH concept, RH moe stable because rh are corporate based and soon.

Upgrade needed… CentOS Linux 7 will reach end of life on June 30, 2024

If people need RHEL, then they can opt for Centos7, Centos8, Almalinux and Rockylinux.

Centos8 stream is not supported and will not be supported in future too as its a paid platform technically.

Curious why you describe CentOS Stream as a paid platform, when as far as I know it is free and opensource and there isn’t even a paid support package available for it.

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