How to increase Wordpress speed (large site around 100k posts)

I have an wordPress site which has more than 100k posts. Its very slow.

I use VPS 6 cores, RAM 16GB, theme Jannah By TieLabs

Plugin: WP-rocket, Advanced Database Cleaner PRO plugin etc.

But still it is slow. Can any one please give some tips to increase my site speed.

Thank you.

First disable WpRocket, Advanced Database Cleaner PRO and setup litespeed cache plugin it will do both jobs.

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My VPS install Apache, I must reinstall with Litespeed?

You asking on litespeed server community, so here recommendation is litespeed server over apache hands down.
Just optimize all images and see with query monitor if some plugins slow site for start.

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Thank you,

Personally, I am currently using CyberPanel, but my client is using a fairly old system, I want to find a good solution before reinstalling the server.

If customer use old VPS and never have changed IP on server its quite likely old hardware. Maybe don’t hurt spin new server with cyberpanel move site there, good luck you get more recent hardware too for VPS.


Thanks @Dreamer

That’s a lot of VPS for one WordPress install even with a lot of posts - are there other sites on the same VPS or just that one, and is there a lot of traffic?


The CPU make and model too matters, if its 6 cores ARM cpu, the performance wont be equal to Intel/AND 6 core server CPU.

Although still 1 wordpress on this config should be more than enough resource, the wordpress setup needs optimization I believe. Probably it maybe the huge unwanted database entries for posts which are deleted and others

1 website on VPS, real time traffic about 100-200 users

News website, I do not need to comment form, do not need to update the content.

Is there any solution to unload databses ?

  1. use LiteSpeed cache
  2. setup Redis
  3. remove all inactive and unused plugins
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it sounds to me like you are not using Cyberpanel, make the switch to it, I’m very happy with cyber panel, and openlitespeed it is the best it handles the websites very well especially when it comes to caching. it also depends if you are using WordPress or any other CMS, everything starts from the technology you are using to what plugins or themes are been used so do that first and try to use fewer plugins, find a page builder that can do many things without the need of many plugins or extras. also apply lazy load and minify HTML AN CSS, let us know how it goes.

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