How to improve performance of CyberPanel VPS with multiple heavy XenForo websites

Hi, I have a good server, but I don’t really know how I can tweak my VPS to the best performance, especially on sites. I successfully installed cyberpannel and my sites have been running well,

Am still learning The VPS staff, I have been a shared hosting user for years.

*I needed a walkthrough on setting the best security tips
*How to change the default port 8090 to different port
*and how can I tweak my VPS to the best performance on sites

About the website it holds, My server has 4 sites and two are heavy sites with forum script installed,
Like Xenforo)

I will appreciate any tips and guides.

Welcome @slambo Happy you are here

  1. Check this out MariaDB / MySQL Tweaks As Default & Option

Basically run nano /etc/my.cnf use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+W to search for skip-name-resolve and comment it out. Restart mariadb systemctl restart mysqld

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