How to fully remove a staging instance?

Hey! So when I create a staging instance from my WordPress installation through the staging tab, I can also hit the red “Delete” button once the staging is listed in the staging tab.

However, hitting that Delete button won’t remove the website that was created alongside the staging instance, so I do wonder, how can I full delete / remove a staging instance to keep everything fast and clean?

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Did you delete it from here


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Exactly! I deleted it from here:


Afterwards I noticed that the WordPress of this staging is still in the WordPress list and the Website that belongs to it is also still there.

For sure I could go on and also delete The WordPress in the WordPress list and the Website in the Website list but I’m not sure if this will really delete every last byte? haha

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You could try but I would recommend you raise a ticket on to best help you with this paid option.

I tried, I would need to upgrade to a high ticket plan in order to contact any support for other reasons than Billing or Sales. There is no support for my 7 dollar / month subscription, sadly.

The issue is you see remnants in public_html or you still see the record of that website on wordpress manager list ?

The first one (and thanks for continue helping me in here, I really appreciate this.) We should be done fast anyway I only need to know where to look for remnants or if there even are any…

Because as you said, I deleted the WordPress list entry through this button:

And the Website list entry through this button:

Now is the question of where do I also need to go to clean this up - just in case I need to.

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No there is nowehere else you need to go delete. However, you can confirm you have no databases you dont know from list of databases https://SERVER_URL:8090/dataBases/ OR using phpmyadmin or terminal run under cyberpanel database:

SELECT * FROM `websiteFunctions_wpstaging`

If you still see the record delete it preferably through phpymadmin so that you dont mess up

Ahhh! the phpmyadmin solution is great!

I tested it and when I deleted one of the 3 currently listed websites the databases displayed in phpmyadmin reduced to 2. :slight_smile:

That’s really awesome because it’s super easy to check and its a good feeling to know that everything is clean if the database doesn’t show up in there. :slight_smile:

Not highly experienced with this over here so its hard to know if there would have been anything anywhere else.

Thanks a alot for clarification!

if you delete from wp manager that should be removed

Thanks! :slight_smile: but this way I have it black on white (or not :smiley: ) that everything is gone haha

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