How to enable remote access to mariadb sql

Hi There guys, i am new to cyberpanel so far its great. I am using it on a Vultr vps and works well and fast.

i was wondering how i go about access the mariadb database remotely. i have searched the internet for hours and made adjustments but still i cannot connect via mysql workbench.

FTP out of the box works create but cannot get the remote sql to work.

i want to be able to make changes on my local db on computer and the use mysql workbench to push changes to the remote cyberpanel sql database

any help would be great
thanks Matt

I have Heidi Sql set up, so I’ll try to write back with instructions later. Remind me if I don’t within a day or two. It wasn’t hard - just need to change a few settings in both cyberpanel and the config files via ssh. I had some issues with the login credentials, and first used the username and pw but now have it set to use the public/private ssh key, which is better anyway. Until then, you can use phpmyadmin with one click from CyberPanel.

Hi @nick.chomey , could you please post the instructions you followed? I’d like to know how to allow any remote IP to connect to mariadb on cyberpanel. At the moment I’ve only been able to allow a specific IP, but no wildcard like “*” or “” or “” seems to work well with the Remote Access option on Databases section of CyberPanel.

Thanks a lot

Thanks for the reminder. I dont have exact instructions written down, so give these ideas a try and let me know if it works or not.

1. nano /etc/mysql/mariadb.conf.d/50-server.cnf - Comment out the bind-address line (THIS DOESNT SEEM TO BE NECESSARY)
2. In CyberPanel, go to Databases->List databases->Select Database-> Manage Remote Access-> Set IP to % (or your IP address if it is static) Also not necessary
3. In CyberPanel, at Security->Firewall, create a new firewall rule to open port 3306
4. Create an SSH Key for your computer and link it to the relevant . I always go back to this video to remind myself how to do it. Visual Studio Code, Remote-SSH, and SSH Keys (Windows/Mac/Linux) - YouTube
5. In your Remote MySQL client (I’m using HeidiSQL) set these:

  • Hostname/IP:
  • User - DB username
  • Database - DB Name
  • Port 3306
  • SSH Tunnel - username: your website user (e.g. abcde1235) that is generated by CyberPanel., target the Private Key File that which was created previously in the video. However, you will probably need a “.ppk” file version of it. Look around online on how to set that up. Putty has a Putty Generator tool to make one, for example.

More generally, you could and should be using an SSH key to connect to your server rather than using passwords. You should create a new linux system user who has sudo privileges, then connect with the video’s instructions to put your public key in the user’s /home/user/.ssh folder. And then turn off Root Login and PasswordAuthentication with nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config.

This is probably not quite complete/perfect, but it should be a good start. Give it a try and let us know what did/didn’t work and then we can make a Doc out of it.

Edit: The first two steps don’t actually seem to be necessary. Perhaps it is the way in which I am connecting with an SSH Key. Seems safer to not open them up beyond localhost/ if it isn’t necessary.

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I just had to reinstall HeidiSQL so here are the config settings that worked for me



Hope this helps