How to enable DNSSec with Cyberpanel?

Hello guys,
I would like to enable dnssec with cyberpanel. I never used dnssec before so please forgive my lack of knowledge about it.

I followed this guide Install PowerDNS Cluster Part 1 – and added “gmysql-dnssec” to the pdns.conf and ran “pdnsutil secure-zone

how would I proceed?

I have a working DNSSEC.
steps I took:

  1. vim /etc/pdns/pdns.conf
  2. added
  3. systemctl restart pdns
  4. pdnsutil secure-zone


pdnsutil show-zone

6. Now you enabled dnssec and see the info you have to give your domain provider

Is the certbot in cyberpanel set to “–reuse-key” when renewing the certificate?
I would like to know, so I can set up DANE in the right way.

Anyone? How to configure this in Cyberpanel?

I used the above guide in conjunction with:

DNSSEC is available with namecheap (my domain registrar) now I’m just waiting to see if it gets verified at

Edit: Only took about 2 hours after submitting my DNSSEC info at namecheap until it was verified. It can take longer so just follow the steps in the above comments. It was actually very easy.