How to downgrade mariadb 10.5 to 10.3

After I install cyberpanel mariadb 10.5. I need to downgrade to 10.3 please support me.
Thank you

Thank you so much!


Did you successfully downgrade?

I would like to install Magento on Cyberpanel for development but current MariaDB version in latest Cyberpanel is too high for Magento minimum requirements, is it possible to safely downgrade to v10.4 ?

Can anyone help with this please ?

Downgrading between Major Versions of MariaDB - MariaDB Knowledge Base.
Please check this one

After testing, I see Cyberpanel now installs 10.4 on clean install… Would be nice to have some info on how to revert from 10.5 to 10.4 as this was clearly added to the build in error.