How to do a full move of cyberpanel to other linux distro with Rsync

like the tittle says
i am moving from Centos 7 ( yes it is broken , forget about normal backup option ) to Ubuntu
so i like to know exactly what files i need to move to make a exact replica

to prevent confusion, this is what i mean


or maybe just specific files only ? like postfix config file

the thing i do not know is how cyberpanel generate the webserver side of files, does it read everything from database ? or does it create a file based on database and last entry only ? ( like /etc/apache2/sites-available/ )

so on this way i just swapped only the linux distro to ubuntu with out the loss of any files/database and with out the need to reconfigure every single thing

The reason for this is just simple

and that thing prevent to restart any service, and it broke my database that i am trying to recover now

so any help is welcome

Greetings from PowerChaos