How to disable exposed cyberpanel port (8090) on end of hosted websites?


I installed cyberpanel onto my vps and noticed that anyone can simply append :8090 or :7080 to website URL and then they have backend access to bruteforce the control panel logins

how do i disable those ports so the control panel isn’t accessible to visitors?

You can do that at provide level firewall, what provider you are using ?

I’m with VPS dime. Maybe I should clarify.

the websites im hosting on my vps via cyberpanel, if I append port numbers :8090 to end of URL’s of the websites im hosting it redirects to control panel exposing server and control panel for bruteforcing.

I am unsure how to fix this. You are saying firewall? to whitelist IP or something for URL? is there no option other than this?

Please ask VPS Dime to block port 8090 for all ips and give them your IP, and ask them to open this port for your IP only so that no one else can access this port.