How to configure cyberpanel on Ubiquity / unifi

I want to start using cyberpanel as a home-lab user but I’m having troubles to access all my servers.

What do I need to do so I can access the cyber panel generated mail server and it’s web servers with a cyber panel generated certificate, without loosing access to the servers I am now accessing using the NGINX manager VM.
I would like to have a single entry to these servers using different child domains e.g.: wordpress., joomla., proxmox., synology., xcp-ng., www. etc.

As a typical ‘home’ user I have a single (fixed) ip address provided by my internet provider
They also supplied the modem that allows me to put a server in the DMZ which is my Unifi USG-Pro.
This USG-PRO is my firewall and dhcp server.
The Unifi interface allows me to do port forwarding, so ports 80 and 443 are the ones being forwarded.

The homelab is running XCP-NG for virtualisation

For DNS i am using adguard-home to protect me from adds and malicious websites
inside adguard-home DNS rewrites have been created for the static IP address as these are not resolved by the unifi software.
adguard itself uses

The USG-PRO DHCP server hands out the adguard ip address for DNS, so all clients are protected.

another VM is running NGINX proxy manager which creates SSL certificates for a couple of servers
Port 443 and 80 are forwarded inside the USG-PRO to this NGINX server making it possible to distinguish between different URLs by the NGINX server

For me, it’s not a requirement to have NGINX manager if cyberpanel can provide similar functionality.
Currently the NGINX manager is just a possibility to caaess a server using a nice name and a certificate.

Any help would be welcome.