How to Check If Memcached is Installed

I’m new to CyberPanel, which uses the LiteSpeed web server. Currently, I am using ISPConfig and would like to transfer to CyberPanel. However, I’m having trouble understanding some of the configurations. For instance, I’m currently struggling with Memcached. After a fresh install and running my first site on CyberPanel, it seems that Memcached is already installed, as indicated by the following message:

Memcached Extension: Enabled
Redis Extension: Enabled
Connection Test: Passed

However, when I open my website, especially the homepage that has a lot of queries due to a complicated setup similar to a newspaper, the speed is very slow compared to W3TC.

When I used ISPConfig and Ubuntu, I would install Memcached using the following command:

While using ISPConfig and Ubuntu, I used to install memcached using:

apt install memcached

Then, to check if it is running, I would use this command:

service memcached status

But in CyberPanel, I can’t find this service.

Can anyone please explain how I can determine if Memcached is installed by default in CyberPanel and why I can’t find such a service?

Thank you.