How to change the username for FTP user in CyberPanel

Is there a way to change the user name that is automatically generated when an FTP account is created in CyberPanel?

The issue I have is that when a new account FTP account is created, CyberPanel adds “admin_” in front of the username.

Our customers are already using a desktop application that uploads their files for us to print for them. It has a specific FTP username that we don’t want to change, so we can switch servers seamlessly.

I need to use the same username that is already in use on our current site, to avoid forcing everyone to update the software.

Can some reply to this topic? Or can we have a link with this topic?

FTP user name is auto generated with the admin prefix you can add anything before that

Thank you for reply , but when i create a new account he still appear the user admin.

I want to create a username like example domain its and my ftp username its admin_openftp but i want the username to be openftp

Please if you can answer this question too, can change from [domain]8090/base/ ( link from panel) to to remove 8090 from the link.

Thank you in advance