how to change folder/file ownership

how do i change the owner of website files i have just copied up to the server using cyberpanel?
i realise how to change the permissions but i want to change owner.

You can do that from the command line. Path of website is


Or from modify website

so what you are saying is, no matter what level of user is logged in, the control panel automatically assigns ownership to the current domain one is uploading files to? (this is ok if it does…some panels assign ownership based on the user that is logged in at the time)
Virtualmin is a control panel example that describes what i am asking about. In virtualmin, If one is logged in using the server root user and uploads a file to a client’s account for whatever reason (such as a support request) virtualmin gives ownership of the uploaded file to the root account (which is an absolute pain in the ass)

Yes, no matter what user you are logged in as owner remains same if you upload from file manager plus ftp.

How to change website ownership like admin added website. After sometime client wanted to access it. Now admin created user but where to change / add website to users account ?

Please guide.