How to change DKIM selector from "default" to another value?

Hi there!

I have a domain that needs to be connected to more than one email server at a time, which means that it needs to have connected more than 1 DKIM at the same time. I’ve already did this many times in the past with providers that had different DKIM selectors, for example Zoho, which uses zoho1._domainkey and zoho2._domainkey. But, the problem this time is that both my servers use the selector “default” (default._domainkey) which causes the DKIMs to mix between themselves.

How can I fix this? The only solution I can think of is making CyberPanel sign the emails with a different DKIM selector, which I am not being able to configure. Is this possible to do? Is there any other solution? How can I work with both servers if they are both looking for “default._domainkey”?