How to change created websites paths?

I’m a newbie with Cyberpanel so I beg your pardon in advance if this question was made and answered before.
For testing purposes I would like each website creation to be a subfolder of the main URL of my VPS server, like it happens in shared hosts. For example, if my shared host/cyberpanel main URL is “hostprovider(dot)net” when I create new website which domain is “newwebsite” it would be accesible over http at “hostprovider(dot)net/newwebsite”. Sorry about the (dot), the forum wont allow me to post urls.
Currently I noticed the full path is something like hostprovider(dot)net/home/newwebsite but I get a 404 when trying to access basicaly because public_html is not accesible as root folder maybe?
Can you refer a tutorial on how to do it?
Thank you for your support